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does anyone use a HRM during a race

Hi Does anyone use a garmin HRM during a race or swim? I've got a 301 and it says its waterproof for a short period of time but I've never tried it in the water? I wouldn't use the main unit during the swim in a race though but obviously would the chest strap as putting it on in T1 would take too long. Has anyone warn the strap during the swim?


  • djtvdjtv Posts: 28
    Punker. I wear a Polar HRM when racing, it does not work in the water but I wear the strap and the watch under my wetsuit anyway and turn on the watch as soon as I head off on the bike. The Polar is quite a slim watch so there is no issue with the wetsuit getting stuck on it in T1.

    I find that I know from the HRM when I can push harder on the bike and run and it motivates me to keep up the effort.

  • punkerpunker Posts: 6
    thanks DJ

    didnt think the hr would work in the water but i thought the strap would be sealed well enough to take it in the water. I will try it on my next tri. i agree, it will be good to keep an eye on my working rate and see where i can push it and where to take it easier on the bike and on the run. Will have to think of a more secure way to mount my garmin to bike as i cant afford for it to go missing in transition.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Polar HRM throughout..does work in water, but I have discovered only when you press the 'go' button, rather than forgetting in all the excitement.
  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    I wear my Garmin HRM strap when doing the swim leg and it has not caused any problems. The main unit itself is not rated waterproof enough for swimming so I don't risk it.


  • WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    My Polar HRM is on all the way and use it as a guide for how I'm feeling against what my body is actually doing. Helps when I need to reign it in on the bike, or push a bit harder on the run.

    Plus I then get to see how long I've been racing for, and that there may only be a few more minutes to go.
  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    the 301 has that really pathetic rubber plug over the usb connecter, it does say it can be used up to 1 meter but i never risked it with mine, i now use a 305 no protection for the conecter at all. i have seen someone putting it under their swim hat in a zip tie plastic bag but i'm not that brave.
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