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£3000 + bike budget

Grateful for your thoughts on how best to spend £3000 - £4000 on a road bike. My local bike shop has Orbeas, Treks and Ridleys. Does this provide access to best in class (budget) or should I look elsewhere. Many thanks


  • you should look at all available bikes for your price range (its not budget) and see which bike you like the look of . then try as many as you can to see which suits you best . good luck with your shopping
  • artikartik Posts: 26
    Get to a big triathlon shop where they can actually bike fit you - Tri uk is one I have used - you dont want to be stuck with a bike that is too agressive or not the right fit for that kind of money - go and see an expert.
  • LindsLinds Posts: 124
    Lucky git [:D]
  • ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    For that money get a custom fit, lucky sod
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    My money would be on a pimped out cervelo soloist, about 2000ish for the 2008 frame, some zipp or xentis wheels, campo record/DA groupset.

    I'm salivating at the thought!

  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Is it me or is the Cervelo Soloist becoming like the Lancer Evo / Subaru Impreza of the bike world every boy/girl racer wants one and to pimp it [:D]

    For that money I would consider custom build to your shape / riding style -- are you after a Road Bike or pure TT Bike ?

    Happy Training

  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Ok, so I can't pretend I know alot about bikes, and even less about custom builds. But surely unless you have a frame specially made for you a custom build consists of a building the bike around a standard frame, which best fits your size/height, with choices made in stem/crank length etc based on size and preference?

    so unless you are some really weird size you could get a standard frame and custom build your bike out of all the bits you wanted and get the perfect bike for you!

    I only suggested the soloist as you mentioned you wanted a road bike, as appose to a full on TT, but presumeably you will be wanting to be aero on flat courses, so i thought of the soloist as it can be easily adjusted to bring the seat forward for aero riding.

  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    When I said Custom Build,I meant - there are builders out there that will build a Carbon Frame to your requirements - geometry / Stiffness etc etc

    My no money option road bike Parlee Z1 - Designed from the ground up for custom geometry, Z1s may be customized by 1mm and .1-degree increments to fulfill any custom design from 47cm to 63cm.

    The Z1 design is flexible to accommodate just about any rider or riding style - from aggressive triathlete to relaxed randonneur.

  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Droool and dribble just seen the Parlee TT Hmmmmm --- Sell house, live in tent .... lets order one [:D]
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