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Good Warm-ups??

Rightyo firstly apologies for being absent from forum for a while. My computer is so slow I got frustrated with it for a bit and refused to use it. I've now caved so that I can return to the advice giving greatness of this forum.

I am looking for ideas for pre-race warm ups. I have a 10k run tomorrow and would like to try a proper warm up as opposed to my usual 'try to look like i'm a pro leg hop', which includes hopping from one foot to the other and blowing hot air on my hands. not sure how this is supposed to help but it gives me something to do.

so any ideas folks?? goven that i not the best 10k runner. in fact i have only made the move up to the distance this year. have only done sprint tris and 5ks before now. did a 10k last week too and didnt have any fuel left in the tank by the end... must train after tomorrow!!

thanks for all advice trigods/esses. [:D] xx


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Here's what I do!

    I'm a bit injury prone so spend a lot of time.... also focusing on the race.

    1) For a 10k eating something like a Go Bar or banana 1 hour before the race.

    2) Finish drinking water 45 mins before the race. Get nice and hyrdated, and time for a last wee before the started.

    3) Start off with a bit of jogging

    4) DYNAMIC stretches (these all help to get the muscles working - "recruit" them in the parlance. I will do leg swings, forwards and backwards - think high kicks. Side swings. Squats. Tend not to bother with arms much though.

    5) More running up and down - get up to full pace, striding out.

    6) Get the heart rate up to a reasonable amount.

    So the key thing is to get as many muscles going as possible. The theory is that if you get as many muscles working as possible, then fatigue takes longer to set in.

    The static stretches are for when you have finished.
  • thanks jack i might give that a go tomorrow. i'm not great with knowing what stretches to do before a race. normall afterwards i do stretch my calfs though and my thighs. like you i'm a little injury prone..

    actually my knee is on the recovery but seemed strong enough last week so going to rest it well after tomorrow. oddly enough it was trying to stretch that injured my knee in the first place (im that idiotic!!) so will try jogging then runnig first. aslo like your nutrition tip. previously i ate three hours before which im guessing is oo early?? x
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    generically speaking 3 hours beforehand is fine.. for your last MEAL. Good carbs etc.

    the "top up" in the last hour is just that... a banana, or a energy drink or somesuch. For a 10K unless you are seriously slow (and you'd have to be to be slower than me :-) hydration on the course in the UK shouldn't be a worry/concern (unless its is blindingly hot/humid) but that's not to say not to avail yourself of it if it available... just don't sweat it (see what I did there ? ;-) about taking a bottle with you. If you want a legal lift prior to the race have a cup of (caffienated) coffee.

    After the race hydrate and get some carbs inside you quick (within 30 minutes). If you want speedier/more efficient glycogen uptake have a cup of coffee with it... if you want to burn fat in the post exercise "glow" avoid coffee.

    But most importantly... enjoy it :-)


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