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does anyone know...

Does anyone know exactly when next years ironman 70.3 uk is gonna be?? I really fancy doing it if i can hoik up my fitness a couple of gears!! also any advice from anyone on whether it is advisable to run a half marathon before this sort of event??? don't fancy leaving it all to 'see if i can on the day' tecnique.

mucho thanko



  • KiwiPaulKiwiPaul Posts: 46
    The exact date hasn't been set yet, but it's been roughly the same weekend in June for the past couple of years. Having done this years 70.3, I would say no, you don't necessarily have to have run a half marathon before (it wouldnt hurt though) but what you should aim to build up to in your training is to be able to trail run for 2 hours in hills. Endurance from being able to do that coupled with your endurance gained on biking training should see you through. Your run pace will obviously then dictate your mileage. No need to get het up by the "half marathon" tag. You have 11 months of tyraining ahead so begin now and youll be fine. Be prepared for pain though!!
  • Thanks - I;ve printed a beginner plan off beginnertriathlete on the web and that says 20 weeks but doesn't seem ebough time to me so plan to start a.s.ap. already have a bit but only done one supersprint so far and a sprint planned this summer. i think theres a few rookies do the 70.3 though. my worst fear is not finishing it. irecently did a bike ride of 60 miles and it seemed to take forever. i just cant imagine getting round all three disciplines in that time.. guess thats what the trainings for. what would people recommend for bike training - i dont want to have to give up work, haha.
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    20wks is plenty of time, in fact it will give you a bit of focus rather than thinking about it for 11 months and never actually knuckling down. People tend to suggest you don't need to do the full distance i.e half marathon/marathon dependent on event, because if you are a relative novice then it might disrupt your training for a few weeks post event due to the stress it can place on your body. I don't think it would harm you at all to do a paced half marathon as long as you don't race it and then can't walk for a week (that's what happens to me!). Also, particularly for the run training get some practise walking and running as if it's your first one it is quite likely you might have to do it in the event and at least you are prepared for it, physically and psychologically. I could go on but I'm waffling.....[:D]
  • dannymackdannymack Posts: 58
    You can easily do it. You should start training now though - and perhaps have a focused programme from Jan 09 onwards if that's your thing.

    My tip would be to do plenty of running/cycling events this autumn/winter as this will build much needed endurance. I would concentrate on getting out for long weekend rides whenever possible. Two building up to 5 hours would be great - with a club or as part of a sportive is probably easiest. Also, I would suggest doing one or more half marathons or longer distance races - on the basis that these should seem like a walk in the park when you're all trained up for te 70.3.

    I signed up for the 70.3 in about August last year. I did some runs and a couple of duathlons over the winter (including both November and March Ballbusters - I recommend these as being similarly tough but taking about half the UK70.3 time). I learned (yes, learned) to swim in Feb this year. I did the marathon in April. First tri was an olympic in May this year. 70.3 in June was great fun.

    Good luck and have fun.

  • Dannymack, may I say that is impressive!! You've only just learned to swim?!? Mind you I've only just learned front crawl myself although I'm loving the swim part!! Yeah I really need to work on my bike, in a super spint i did recently that was totally my weakest part. i think my bike is rubbish tho for hills which doesnt help. its a raleigh airlite 100 and was cheap but doesnt have the gears for getting up hills. i need to invest in a new bike for this i imagine - something not too pricey but that can move me up some decent climbs! Will have to save up my penies and look around - good job christmas is beforehand...[;)]
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