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Which Tri package would you take??

Hi everyone I am well made up because the lovely boyfriend has said I can get a tri pack!! I had already bought a bike but its totally rubbish. Basically its got noooo gears. These are the packs i'm considering and would love your views becasue particularly on the bike, Im rubbish at spotting what is good!!

Tri UK £699 with Giant SCR2 and Foor Quantum wetsuit

Tri1st £750 with Scott Speedster S60 and Blue Seventy wetsuit

SigmaSport £750 with Trk 1.2 (with tribars) and Blue Seventy wetsuit

Triandrun £645 with a Triandrun Racing I Bike (dont know what they are!!) and Ironman wetsuit

TFN £599 with Giant SCR3 and Blue Seventy wetsuit

Upandrunning £825 with Cube Aerial (never heard of them) and Orca wetsuit

What do you think? And what would you pick?? Or does anyone know of an even better package around this price??

My main problem is I dont know which bike is the better one!!

Thanks all in advance



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    Personally i would go with up and running. Basically because they are a really good shop and offer great advice and fitting. The Cube is a good bike for the money and really are well built with usually pretty good components.

    I don't like Giant bikes! Just wreak of averageness!
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    en51nmen51nm Posts: 41
    I went for the TriUK £699 package myself. The Giant SCR 2 is a great entry level bike. It's quite light, has carbon composite forks and most of all has a Tiagra gearset as opposed to Sora which for an entry level is great to start on. The Foor Quantum 2 is a really nice wetsuit as well, I tried it out for the first time yesterday and compared to standard wetsuits I use for dinghy sailing it was really good. Plenty of flexibility in the arms, but bouyant where it needed to be. TriUK were also very helpful, both before and after purchase, all in all highly recommended!

    Hope this helps!
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    look very carefully at what each one includes, I got the triandrun one because they were the only one's who also included trainers. The staff were really helpful too.
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    thanks all so far.

    ive never really heard of cubes which is why i was warey of them ive also just found tfbath and they do the specialized as part of a deal which looks mega cool to me but still undecided so any advice or experience of buying such a pack online still appreciated [;)]
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    I recently bought a Cube TT bike from Up and Running. Its a great bike and superb value when you break down the component prices (wheels and groupset alone on my bike were the cost of the full bike). I buy quite a bit of stuff at that shop and find the staff very friendly - sure they would do you right if you bought from them.
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    Danny the more I look at that brand the more i like it! the thing is that after several hours of work time spent looking at tri packs and specifically the bikes i find myself believing i really do need a three grand model....

    haha in my dreams. wishes do run away with me though. im liking the cube, the specialized triple or the scott speedster... which are my leading choices at the mo.
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