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Happy Weekend!!

have you ever considered one of those under the desk pedaling thingys? hehe.


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    Woop de doo!! its the weekend everyone!! well done on slogging it through another day. I dont know what everyone else is doing by way of training on their bank holiday weekend but am planning one major session tomorrow to shake off the 'desk legs'. These are the opposite of 'jelly legs' and are acheived through sitting long hours slumped at a desk and not moving your legs. it drives me nuts so am planning:

    very very big swim! at least an hour!!

    very very long bike ride!! at least an hour also

    then probably day after that a long run!!

    does any body else suffer from desk fever?? i start getting a build up of unburned energy and my boyfriend gets mad at me for not being able to sit still!!

    enjoy the weekend all [:D]
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    en51nmen51nm Posts: 41
    I stretch my calf muscles when I'm sitting at my desk. I started doing it a while ago and it's developed into a strange habbit which I do almost unconciously now...[8|]
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Doctor says 'No swimming!', surgeon says 'No running!', my head says I should listen to them....

    ... but my heart says "Surely a sprint tri can't do any harm?".

    I'll be the bloke limping around at the Southampton Fast Twitch tri tomorrow. Wooo hoooooo! And the sun is finally shining as well! Happy weekend!
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    triadtriad Posts: 62
    A solid run around Richmond Park in London cleansed the body a bit. But had to avoid a stag or two. Enjoy the fresh air all.
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    toadtoad Posts: 104
    Unfortunately I had to work today, but got a quick 5km run in before it got dark, tomorrow will be open water swimming then going to buy a new bike and christen it with a solid brick session, I am excited about it now but will be wondering what the heck am i doing when those legs start burn and feel like lead......at least i will have a nice shiny bike to look at [:D]
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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    Nice easy weekend for me :-)

    Did 40 mins easy run Fri night and 200m warm down in the pool, then just 40 minutes swim techiaue in the pool today.

    Tomorrow (sun) have the Foxtrot 5 Mile road race, and Monday I'll have a 1200-1500m openwater swim at lake 32 early-ish.

    Then Devizes Street festival for the rest of the day.

    And I'll finish cleaning and tuning my bike sometime too, and try making the home made energy bars in this months 220.



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    Haha well if theres anything to brighten up return to work after a bank holiday its these posts! Tommi - i havent though of those pedal things but you might be onto a trick. I know there pretty useless but it would keep the legs busy at least!!

    and as for pulling muscles under the desk i totally do that too - or sat on the sofa at random intervals. i think it's restlessness!!

    Everyones weekends sound much more active than mine turned out to be.. ended up just mainly being long treadmill sessions. the swim didnt happen as pool closed!!

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