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fave run shoes

hey guys

whats your fave run shoe make? my sauconys are lovely i feel attached to them haha but they're getting on a bit and need replacing. am tentative about trying another shoe ... what is everyone elses 'regular'??



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    Used to use Saucony for a few years then changed to Pearl Izumi end of last year. They started off superbly, but lately they have started to rub on both of my little toes. Not sure how much longer I can put up with them. Only thing is, not sure I can explain my way to another pair of trainers with the other half.
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    jasonculljasoncull Posts: 36
    Asics Gt2130's love them.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I'm wondering what shoes to wear for my 10K road race tomorrow.

    I have mizuno wave riders - these are a bit old now - but probably good for another race before they need replacing. I also have my Saucony Pro Grid Xodus, which are trail shoes - but I really like them.

    I need a lot of cushioning - rather than stability.

    The wave riders are about 30g lighter than the Xodus.

    I like both of them!

    Really, there is probably not a lot of difference between all the well known "credible" brands at the same sort of price. It all comes down to what shoe suits you, especially once you have decided on the type - i.e. stability vs cushioning vs. light weight. But something that you fancy is always good, just for the boost!

    I've just going to clean them, check the laces etc and make sure that I am all set to go. Bit of a bummer that the clocks go forward tonight - so the race actually starts at 8am "body time"!
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