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Nudity revisited

Firstly, apologies for some of the more senior members, I am sure this is an old question.


I have registered for my first long distance triathlon (140.6 mile).

In the past at shorter races nudity was somewhat frowned upon.

Is ‘nudeing it up’ usually ok for these type of events?

Let me clarify, I mean nudity in the transition zone…not the total event.

Is there simply a tent full of naked people and Assos ass cream flying around the place?

Or are more discrete cubicles the norm?


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Nudity isn't allowed in any way in races here in Belgium. I think it's like that everywhere.

  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Yeh, I don't think its allowed here either. Generally no upper-body nudity is allowed past the swim. And lower-body nudity isn't allowed anytime!

    how nude were you thinking?

    I mean, if you just mean changing your top I'm sure that would be ok.
  • penguinpenguin Posts: 37
    I was hoping to wear those cycling bib shorts thingos....but not excited about having to wear them under the wetsuit.

    I think the pad would be wet and horrible for the bike, then of course have to run with it.

    I was wondering if you can get changed into cycling clothes, then again into running clothes.

  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    As before, I would be very surprised if any country's Triathlon body allowed bottom nudity and female top nudity, an instant DQ if I am not mistaken. This is a spectator sport, the BTA encourages it as a family sport and the participation of children. Indeed on many events minors such as cadets are volunteer assistants. The last thing the BTA would want is a video on Youtube of someone flaunting their wanger in front of a bunch of children. You can just visualise what precious little sponsorship avaiable to the sport disappearing.

    I suggest if you want to wear a bib then you wear a light sports brief - I refer you to Fi's posting 'Knickers and Pants'

  • Good job nudity isn`t allowed, I would only be able to take part in "Short" races !!!
  • Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63

    Over here in Oz we have the same issues with nudity and I like you prefer to put on 'real' cycling shorts for a long distance event (HIM/IM). The IMs are no problem as they have changing tents for male and female and in there anything goes! As the female helper said to me at my last IM 'I have seen everthing in here and nothing shocks me'. The HIM this year also had a tent but I did not know this until the day so I used my previously 'patented method'! of having a towel with a small amount of velcro attached (top edge) so I could wrap it around my waist loosley and it would stay up without arms, and then I could get the speedos off and cycling shorts on and then pull the towel off without offending anyone. The no arms bit is good because it saves doing the 'hopping and falling over bit' when trying to use one arm/hand to hang on to the towel and pull the speedos off.

    This probably adds a minute to my transition time but I would rather 'get comfortable' for a long ride than possibly endure a serious amount of chaffing with a wet pair of cycling shorts. I do ensure that I have put a generous amount of chamois creme on the shorts before setup.

    Good Luck with your event


  • penguinpenguin Posts: 37
    Thanks for the comments, slightly more confused than before....

    I have seen these change tents on you tube for Ironman races. I was unsure if they were exclusive to these events (due to the ridiculously high entrance fees).

    I am from Oz so nudity is the norm, but the race is in Germany were nudity seems to be the norm.

    I was hoping to sort this little problem out in advance of the day.... perhaps it is best to email the race organisers...and directly ask "Do you have changing facilities?"

    Thanks for the comments.


  • penguinpenguin Posts: 37
    errr oppps...i meant in Oz nudity is NOT the norm
  • I always thought that, in Germany, nudity was compulsory!!
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    are you sure they actually wear clothes for the races? you may not have to change! hehe.

  • I think it depends on the amount of body hair. I gather the "hair trunks" look is quite big across much of Europe.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    If nudity is not allowed then see a copy of the Swiss ironman race 2003 and 2004.In 2003 you get a full frontal shot of a male competitor in the transition area,and in 2004 they started a competition for the best finishing run up to the finish line,one competitor who got into the final top 10 listing was just wearing a number belt and a number (supprisingly he was british),so for all those more liberal people You can get away with it.
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