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Looking for advice

Hello to everyone out there

This is my first time on the forum or in fact any forum (bit of a technophobe) and so am just findin my feet really. I have read quite a few of the threads and you seem like a real nice bunch and always ready to give out good advice - which is good because my application for 70.3 has just been accepted and as a relative newcomer to Traithlon the prospect is already giving me butterflies.

I have read a lot about the Bike course at Wimbleball - which sounds lovely!!! but can anyone tell me about the run, which at present is definitely my weakest discipline, I come from a rugby league background and have always trained with the big weights and for the short interval kind of stuff...although have managed to shed a stone and half since deciding to give triathlon a bash!!

Any comments will be greatly appreciated

look forward to hearing from y'all


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    Hi p.i.p.,

    It's difficult to give advice without knowing your current ability but in general, do a long, steady, distance run at the weekend building up to race distance a month out from the race.

    Supplement this with shorter but focused runs in the week - an interval session to raise your threshold, maybe a hill climb if you need practice in that area, maybe just a recovery run to keep the legs ticking over midweek. All depends on your goals, your current fitness levels and your time available.

    Correct shoes are vital so if you haven't already get to a good running shoe shop and get your gait analysed on a pressure mat/treadmill, then get a pair of shoes which offer the appropriate support.

    Build up slowly to minimise risk of injury.

    Erm, good luck [:)]

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    Cheers IronJohn

    Am off to get some good trainers from a place in Manchester this afternoon, because although the weight is falling of me, my shins are starting to ache a little. But am really starting to enjoy the running now!

    Currently just running to get the time under my feet, doing a 40 min, 50min and 70 min this week and just going to build these up by 10 mins per week. Also getting in an interval session, on a treadmill though and do 10 x 400m with a 1:1 rest interval or 8 x 600m @ 16kph with a 400m rest interval!!

    I live by the pennines and am going to start getting up the hills soon - I believe the Wimbleball run is quite hilly.

    Thanks again
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