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Bib shorts - running

Doing a duathlon, so no need for full tri-suit. Will I be OK running in my existing cycling bib shorts, or would you recommend specific shorts?


  • I too am still trying to figure out the right clothing for tri and duathlon!

    From what I have seen and can imagine, I wouldn't recommend bib shorts for the running because of the padding. People do use tri suits for duathlons, but i think the best option is probably tri specific shorts or duathlon style shorts. They are usually shorter leg than cycling legs with a limited amount of padding.

    I have just invested in a pair of saucony ones for 45 pounds. I guess after 3 or 4 races and all the training they will have paid for themselves.

    Good luck,


  • edfitz15edfitz15 Posts: 4
    Thanks Paul.

    Where did you buy the shorts?
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Trisuit all the way. Altho I do run in regular cycleshorts (Assos or 2XU) when brick training &/or running to & from spinning, it is about 5k & I have no probs.
  • I got the saucony shorts in a local shop in Dublin, which I am guessing isn't great for you!

    Though, as an excellent alternative, price and selection wise, I don't think you could go too wrong with the usual suspects like orca, 2xu, craft at the likes of wiggle and tri uk.

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