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Hi everyone, I am a forum virgin although I do subscibe to 220 Triathlon Magazine every month. I would just like some advice on juggling work/home life and training.

I am a firefighter and work 2 days followed by 2 nights and then have 4 days off. I am also a fairly new Dad with a 4 and a half month old daughter. I am just curious if anyone has any advice if there is a decent training schedule online with a virtual/personal that can be worked around my hectic life.

I have just completed my first classic distance and got a respectable 2:55 time but I want to step it up a bit now and wondered if anyone knows what to do. I joined a Tri Club but because my days off change every week, I can do 3 nights at the club but then have to miss 5. It doesn`t really make the Tri Club a good move (training wise or financially) !!!

Just wondered if anyone else is in the same situation..... Firefighters..... Please help !!!!!!!!!



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    Chris JChris J Posts: 71
    You could always go on strike![:)]
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    Hi Steve, well done on the time and good luck on stepping it up.

    Fortunately don't have the work schedule you have but have other committments so have to be selective with training.

    Not in best position to offer much advice, but will say that as I'm 24 weeks through a 30 week program as suggested in the Don Fink Book 'Ironfit' someone in your position has to prioritise.

    Look at what time you have, your strengths/weaknesses and how you could fit your schedule around work.

    I have only just joined a club this year and the advice i receive at the cycle, run and brick sessions has been outstanding, not to mention great for morale and keeping the boredom away. Would not rule out the club despite your work pattern as I'd put the club sessions ahead of any training. Haven't even tried the swim sessions yet.

    My club costs 80 Euro to join - say 60 quid. Bargain.

    So, would recommend getting a schedule that would enable you to pick it up to the next level, and if you do the club the club training - then mark out the must do sessions, should do sessions and would like to do sessions - or something like that.

    in terms of practical advice - cycling/running to work/ training at work during your breaks?

    All best with the juggling!


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    Thanks Paul, Really appreciate that. I also like Chris`s advice but my boss didn`t think it was sufficient reason to go on strike.... I will try taking it to the union !!!
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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278

    You have the ability to train on your four days off, but can also train in the evenings when your shift finishes and during the day when your on nights ( as long as your night shift has not been to hard).

    Also most fire stations now have gym's so you can do the weights when at work.

    A slong as you restict your traiing to avoid injury, you can pretty much do any training you want, and have the time to do it.

    That is off course unless you have a second job !!

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    ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    I also work shift and it does make it interesting trying to train consistently. My schedule does tend to have a number of consecutive hard days followed by several days rest. Not ideally balanced. I live about 6 miles from my normal place of work and some of the things that have worked for me:

    Cycle to and from work.

    Run to and from work.

    Run to work and get a lift home - Good if my crewmate lives near me.

    When running or cycling leave home early and extend the trip into work.

    Swim early in the morning straight after a night shift.

    Train during the morning of my first nightshift. Sleep in the afternoon and then off to work.

    I find it does help to have a schedule for the month ahead to ensure that I am getting a balance across the disciplines and between endurance and high intensity stuff.

    As Jelly legs says look for opportunities to train at work. I know the lads at my local station, next door to where I work, are often out playing volleyball and other team type games.
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    threekneesthreeknees Posts: 19
    I also work shifts and have large chunks of time off. I work three to four twelve hour shifts a week (including nights) and see it as an absolute godsend! I can't imagine being a 9-5er and having to cram in work and all the training as well. At least we have whole days off during the week when the roads are less busy or where we can happily (!) fit in a 80 minute morning swim followed by an early afternoon 3hr bike ride. I don't have kids so cannot empathise with your situation completely, however I do see it as a real bonus. Bearing in mind I have no idea what I'm talking about as I am yet to race (Worthing OLY is my first...can't frickin wait!)...but I do feel we are at a massive advantage. I also live about 7 miles from work and ride in and out each day and sometimes jump off the bike when I get home and get straight into a run so like everyone else its about fitting it around your situation. I would advise not swimming after nights...tried it and almost fell asleep in the pool!


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