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Swimming advice please!

Do you breathe every 2 or every 3 strokes? I find if I breathe every 3 I can swim straight as it all balances out, but can go off on a tangent if I breathe every 2 (so breathing on one side only). But I only started swimming 3 months ago as well, so am hardly an expert!


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    Hi All

    Was wondering if someone could help. When I first started open water swimming about 3 months ago I had no problems swimming in a straight line whilst doing front crawl. However, over the last couple of weeks I seem to have started veering off to the left when I lift my head out to breathe. I don't feel like I am swimming any different to before. What am I doing wrong?!
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    Hi, I breathe bilaterally, tried every 5th stroke but seemed to run out of air too quick, so I have changed to every 3rd stroke. I seem a bit more relaxed with my breathing now as a result but seem to be heading to the opposite side of the lake to everyone else lol!
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    taytay Posts: 18
    ahh the joys of lake swimming and trying to sight! I am still trying to learn myself, but am advised its practice and taking time to have a proper look rather than just a quick glance up when in the open water. Good luck - and hopefully you will get some more helpful advice from someone other than me who actually knows what they are doing!
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    Hi there,

    How many strokes do you take between sighting? Maybe you need to sight more often to help you stay on track? If it's windy etc and there's a bit of a tide I can often end up sighting every third stroke - it really helps me to keep straight and the time I lose sticking my head up is well and truly gained back by not swimming extra metres because I'm off course.

    Hope this helps a bit
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    I probably do need to practice sighting a bit more - just tend to have a peek when I turn my head to breathe rather than actively sight. Thanks for the advice - I will try, try and try again when I get to swim practice this weekend!
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    Looking for additional swim advice! - did the team relay swim at London Tri and found the Open Water such an eye opener!! ; been a competitive pool swimmer (years ago) and training times since may this year have dropped to between 20 and 22 mins for 1500m)....long strokes, high elbow, v.comfortable....out in the dock, I stuttered to over 30 mins....I couldnt believe the difference - no rhythm, no fluidity. . .being a fairly strong swimmer I neglected practising in open water with wetsuit - a big mistake. What are the key stroke/breathing/technique changes in translating good pool times to open water???
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