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Bike fitting service in the North West?

Hi all. Thanks to those who replied to my first post.

Can anyone recommend a decent bike shop in the Cheshire/Manchester/Warrington area that provides a bike fitting service and who stock a decent range of bikes such as Trek/Giant/Spesh/Cannondale etc (and provide good customer service!)?

The reason I ask is that I'm looking to buy my first proper road bike. I know roughly what my options are and have an idea of what I'm after, having read the many posts along the lines of 'What bike for £xxx...' etc, but I'd prefer to go to a decent bike/tri shop to get their advice before making a final decision. If it makes a difference, I'm looking for bikes in the £500-£600 price range.



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    come to see us at www.tricentral.co.uk in trafford park - we stock Orbea, Felt and Pro Lite and can definately fit you properly - we have a professional bike fitting kit in house and source a bike to suit your budget. Look forward to seeing you...
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