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GBR age group

Go on to the BTA (british triathlon assosiation) website, all the details for GBR age groupers are there.

Good luck.........


  • Hey popeye,

    here is a link - just went throught the same process of finding out myself.

    click on 2009 events on the left if you after next years events

    also you can still get on the gb team if you are a "ring in" from another country - just have to be a member of BTF and qualify(of course)


  • popeyepopeye Posts: 6
    What does one have to do to represnt GBR for their age group? Do certain events act as qualifiers or do you need to average certain times or (hopefully!) just turn up?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • zoezoe Posts: 28
    For the world champs there are usually 3 or 4 qualifying races during the year of the champs. For 2008 the world champs was early so the qualifiers were held in 2007.

    You need to finish top 4 or 5 of those trying to qualify in your age-group (depending on which race it is and how many qualifiers there are). It will depend on how competative your age group is as to whether the catagory fills up or not.

    The European champs used to be 'first come, first served' on qualification, but i think the position is changing now so that there are A and B selection times for those age-groups which are fully subscribed.

    What age group are you in and what event are ou looking to qualify for?
  • Good question Popeye,

    And thanks for the information that you guys have posted. From my (poor) understanding having only been involved in tri for a little while is to get registered (at webaddress supplied at BTF WEBSITE) for intent then perform at one of the listed events such as Northumberland (the only event left this year??) for qualification into next years events.


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