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IM Canada - Anyone taking part ?

Hi all

I've signed up for IM Canada next year and was wondering if anyone else on here is taking part? Perhaps we can swap tips etc...regarding training, flights, accomodation etc...? I am aiming for around the 12 hour mark as it is my first IM and live around the Essex area (no s**t sherlock!). Would be cool to hear from anyone.




  • ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Hi EB,

    I'm doing Barcelona next year about 5 weeks after Canada, so similar schedules time wise. 12 hrs sounds good. So if you want to compare notes , keep a log going, that would be a good idea. Have you done any half IM yet and have you started your training ? At present i'm doing about 6 hrs a week, will hopefully double that over next 3 months.


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