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Day Off!

Try to one at least once a week or when my body says stop.

But i too feel guilty, and normally do something light.


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    en51nmen51nm Posts: 41
    I have found it quite strange how quickly training has taken over my life with regards to triathlons. I come from a running background and one year ago (before I got into tri events) would have been pleased with myself for doing two runs a week for training. Now however - with triathlon - I feel guilty if I have a day off from training even once a week!

    How often does everyone just have a day off from their training?

    In all honesty my break from training is usually becuase my planned training had to go on hold for something else more important! (work, family, ect...) Which in my case is probably two or three days a fortnight.
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    You need to rest as rest is when your body gets fitter, i tend to have 1 day per week and go easy every third week


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    I have recently been astounded by the impact a really good night's sleep, circa 9 or 10 hours, can have on performance. I think this is at least as important as nutrition and having a well thought out exercise plan. Seems to me most focus nowadays is on what you do during your waking hours (which is understandable) but people perhaps don't yet recognise the significance of good rest and its impact on both physical and mental performance. Spend your next 2 grand on a quality mattress rather than a set of Zipps, I say!!
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    triadtriad Posts: 62
    I seem to be taking more days off the older I get, but given that I've just managed to get the wife's consensus on Ironman Switzerland 2009, I'll need to cut down on days off aswell as fatty foods - boooo.
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    toadtoad Posts: 104
    I absolutely agree with trijunkers, I have found sleep makes a huge difference to the way I train.

    For example last week I did an easy 5km run, following only 5 hours sleep, and I felt like crap was completely disillusioned with my training and felt like giving up . Two days later following a couple of good 8 hour sleeps I ran 16 kms and felt I could have done more.... diet hadnt changed on any of the days...... can only attribute the much better performance to decent sleep.
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    paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 67
    agree on the sleep, but I struggle to stay asleep more than 7 hours, no matter waht time I go to bed :(

    As for days off, every programme I have ever seen advocates one day a week of no training, with 3 week build, one week easy 'periodisation'

    As I have mentioned in another thread, actually found the 220 Training Tool available on the main site to be really useful. Once you have forked out the £100 to download it to your machine.
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