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Paris Half Marathon, March 8th 2009

diddsdidds Posts: 655
Hope talk of Half Marathons whilst waiting for tri season doesn't break the rules!

Ok, gotta speak to a chum tomorrow but out of the blue this is looking

possible for my first HM. Only done 10Ks to date (circa 1 hour times so you can see I am no speedy geezer, speshly being a 16 stones, 46 year old ex prop forward).

Wanted a "good" HM for my first; good scenery and nice course ( --->

not hilly [image]http://www.tritalk.co.uk/forums/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/image] - but preferably not too many runners (Bath is my

local, obvious choice but a muddy village doesn't appeal.).

Paris is a great city, lots of watching support - but a large field of


Probably have somewhere to stay pretty locally for free (friend's

flat, + their 2 kids, sleeping on a sofa/floor). Might be me on my

own there (plus a mate running staying elsewhere), maybe with wife

(depending on her Uni studies - within 6 weeks tops of her graduation/

course finish).

Its also 6 months in advance of what I was considering originally -

but seems logical in many ways.

Tell me why i should do it. Tell me why I shouldn't.

Tell me what I NEED to know if you've run this HM.

Tell me I am (not?) mad to even consider it.


(very excited, a bit nervous).


  • Hi Didds, I am running the Paris Marathon again this year, purely because the support from the crowds and the scenery push you round the course...

    You will struggle to find a race that is more well organised, despite the number of runners and in actual fact the more runners the more of an atmosphere - you may feel slightly apprehensive at first but as soon as the hooter goes and you have found your pace you will love - do it, you will have no regrets!!!

  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    thanks dave - i've sorted a (genuine) medical certificate that won't cost more than the race fee and I am going to paris for the half!

    all I gotta do is run 21.1 Km now!!!


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