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Training shirts - nipple chaffing


This may sound very strange, but as a newbie, I thought I put this one out there in the hope that someone has the same problem. I used to train (Run/Spin and brick in the gym) wearing a normal t-shirt. However, my nipples used to chaff quite badly. I thought that it was the fabric and went out and spent a small fortune on new excercise specific, easy breate, light weight, climate controlled type shirts. The problem has not gone away. With me stepping up my programme, this is becoming a hinderance. Does anyone have the same problem and/or suggestions?



  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    nope. but I suspect a dab of vaseline or the easy glide stuff for feet &/or wetsuit on & offing (?) might do the trick.
  • I can't run for more than about 30 mins without bleeding nipples so I always have to put plasters over 'em. Painful when I forget ....
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    By wearing the t-shirt before you have probabily sensitized your nipples, so now they start to hurt with the slightest bit of rubbing. As the others suggested it may be worth trying some sort of lubricant like wetsuit lube or vasaline, or resort to plasters. I think once you have done this for a while you should be able to wear your running top without your nipples hurting. If not, you may just have over-sensitive nipples!

    If it gets really bad and the lubes/plasters dont work, you could always try a dab of local anaesthetic such as emla cream, this should do the trick! its best if the skins not broken though.

  • priceda1priceda1 Posts: 7

    Vasaline is my hero (well one of them).

    I have the same problem and plasters just seem to fall off. I find a good dollop of Vas does the job everytime, but it does seem to be difficult not to get odd looking stains/marks on your t-shirt after washing it. Although I can put up with them as the alternative is blood stains on t-shirt and v sore nipples the last time I forgot [:(]


  • OH yeah I know how you feel with this one, every time I run over about 5-6 miles I get really bad nipple chaffing, and s*** does it hurt when you shower. But after trying different tops (did try the vas but didn't like it) I found that using tri tops when I run got rid of the problem completely. Now I always use my tri tops for running, and haven't had any more problems
  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Micropore tape is the answer chaps - low tack so doesn't hurt too much when you rip it off (see the thread on waxing!!)

    Vaseline tends to sweat off and plasters make you cry when they come off!
  • I had the same problem then got some Nip-guards (www.nipguards.com). Those americans think of everything! They work brilliantly and don't hurt to take off like plasters (ouch!!!!!!). PS I think they are male specific coz there not all that big... (my first post and I'm being smutty already... sorry)
  • Nipguards are great used them when training for a marathon , look like corn plasters . Remember to take them of if you head to the pool after , I forgot and got some very funny looks!!!!

    For shorter runs I just use Brave soldier Friction zone . I use it for all tri's also , does not ruin the wet suit as it is not petroleum based.
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