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how much taoer for a B race?

diddsdidds Posts: 655
Like it says in the subject... I've a B race coming up in a week's time (Salisbury Sprint on Sun 24th) - 400 metres/19 miles/4miles. I want to perform as well as I can, but its not an A race (that's end of July).

My planned training week leading up to the race is looking like a standard week though I do have an aquathlon on wednesday evening (which is in effect a C race - its the 1st of the season and is a glorified trainig run to be honest... get round and finish)

Sun LSD run 9 miles + swim drills+speed set (usually ~ 2K and 70 mins)

Mon day off

Tue run 2 miles easy + swim drills + endurance set (ditto time/distance)

Wed bike 45 minutes-1 hr spinervals + AQUATHLON

Thu bike 45 minutes-1hr spinervals + 7 miles tempo run

Fri run 2 miles easy + swim drills + threshold set (ditto time/distance)

Sat bike - LSD 2:40 time.

I was gonna drop Saturday's bike for obvious reasons and have a day off. Wed & Thu bike I'll probably swap for an early week recce of the bike course, possibly twice around (ie a LSD ride) which also means I can drop the bike before the aquathlon. Was also considering dropping the LSD run and instead doing the tempo run earlier in the week and switch a couple of things around. Which would give me something like

Sun tempo run 7 miles + swim drills&speed set ( ~ 2K and 70 mins)

Mon day off

Tue bike recce(19 miles) & brick run 2 miles + swim drills & endurance set (ditto time/distance)

Wed aquathlon (750m/5K)

Thu run 2 miles easy + swim drills & threshold set (ditto time/distance)

Fri day off

Sat day off

As a "quasi-taper" week its very swim heavy with not much bike which IS my major limiter. the run I am as happy with as i can be. maybe a bike recovery & technique set Friday? Bearing in mind of course nothing I do this week will actually improve me for Sunday...

Or for a B race should i not even be bothering with any attempt at tapering, and just have a rest day on the saturday?



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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    Conehead wrote:

    That's £50 please.

    err... cheque's in the post ...



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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Do what Conehead has said.... Its not worth tapering for a B- race Sprint... do a easy swim day before concentrating on maintaining a good technique, pop a few sprints in there too, half length hard half length easy etc. That will get your fast twitch going ready for the race the day after....

    Recovery drink + Compression = 100% recovery after 24-48hrs :)
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