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As been as im going in for my first TRi in september (sprint) has any one suggestions on best training for building up for the run (by far my worst discipline) finding it difficult as training so far has been up to 30K on the bike then trying to run straight after with not a lot of success should it be treated as a completley different training session until i can do the 5K without probs im just aiming to finish not set any records. any suggestions would be good



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    Congratulations on entering your first triathlon.

    I am the same, running is my worst discipline. Whatever advice people put forward to you, one of the best things I did was to join a triathlon club and join the run sessions they did. There was a variety of levels and objectives so it was easy to fit and I've never heard of any club being unwelcome to new members.

    You have the right idea with the brick session, but as you say, it would be best to be able to build up to doing the 5K on its own - nice and steady. Once you have completed the distance without killing yourself then it could be time to ...1) go back to the brick sessions and 2) start some interval training.

    On the Brick Sessions - we have been doing just 4Km Bike, 1Km Run 2 mins. Do this 3 times. Might be good to do with a buddy so you can mind the bikes.

    on the interval training there is also a host of stuff you can do to improve your 5K time and to become more competent. 1Km Warm Up followed by 6X400M with a minute rest in between. just an example as their is tons.

    This is my 2 pence worth!!

    Best of luck in your training!


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    transittransit Posts: 163
    I agree with what Paul says - try and find your running legs a bit before doing too many bricks. Certainly don't ignore them completely but make sure you do some specific running work. Intervals are excellent.

    Might also be doing a bit of research into technique, it is surprising how much this is overlooked.
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