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what is tapering??

6 weeks to go before i attempt my first sprint tri not really fit as i should be done more on the bike and the swim as im not a good runner and being an old git at 45 want to protect knees as much as possible. but ive heard a lot of the word tapering i have a rough idea that its winding down your exercise a week or so before the event. im worried that if i get it wrong il be to stiff to finish at the moment doing some exercise every day and occasionally having a rest day as i find if i dont do at least some exercise everyday i ache like mad and find it difficult to get back into the groove so to speak any pointers would be of great help.

im going out just to finish this oneand hopefully not finish last




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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    First of all, well done for entering and good luck.

    As you say tapering is reducing the tempo/intensity of training prior to the event. If you find that you need to do some light exercise tp stop the bones creaking that's fine - but just do enough.

    The aim of the game is to finish so don't worry about performance on your first event, this will serve as your basemark. Enjoy it and afterwards learn from it, where you stronger where were you weaker.

    - If you have problems with your knees, as I do, make sure you have the right gear, I don't mean shiny stiff but gear that at the very least will not do harm so a proper pair of (not new) running shoes, did you get them through a running shop who evaluated your gait? If they are new wear them as often as possible to get some flex

    - Have a search for tips on transition practice at home with your kit laid out, remember, remember helmet on before you unrack bike, rack bike before helmet off.

    Don't worry if you doggie paddle the swim, bike at a vicars pace and run at a slow trot - finish then reflect that A. you have done it and B you can only get better.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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    trevtritrevtri Posts: 39
    cheers for that swimming is prob the best discipline and the bike im not to slow can keep up a rapid pace on the flat but hills do kill the legs so i have tried the course sitting to save the legs as standing on the peddles for the hills burns out the legs for the run but it does add about 5 to 10 mins to the bike time im trying to find an even pace as i know the run is the one that will prob kill me off but i am trying to convince my self i will enjoy it all myfreinds seem to think im raving mad to try it. but i would only regret it if i didnt

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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    It's a question of trade offs, if standing will gain you 5 mins on your bike time but add 2 mins to the run it is worth it but bear in mind the possible damage to your kness as you have problems - don't pop them. If however you lose 6 mins on the run then the maths are obvious. Only you can suss out with your bike, the terrain etc when and for how long you should stand (if at all). On one occassion I got off my bike and ran up a hill faster than I could have grunted my way up because I am a better runner than a biker (pre clipless days so can't do that now).

    Don't listen to your mates - the biggest regrets I have had are things that I have not done rather than things that I have (except possibly for my first marriage) Go for it and when you wear your T shirt down at the pub you will have the satisfaction of having completed a triathlon something that they will not have the bottle to do. So take it easy, look after yourself and finish.

    Good luck
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    trevtritrevtri Posts: 39
    cheers for that i will and went to my first swim training with cobra tri club they seem a freindly lot and damn good fun so will keep going at it so cheers for the info

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