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1st event

Thinking of doing the halesowen Sprint triathlon in September as its my 45th Birthday the same weekend and want to acheive something before my knees pack up (p.s i have been training but mainly on bike and the swim and have been putting the running of long as possible i have run marathons in the long and distant past and more recently a couple of mountain bike events. swim im fine at bike ok as spent years mountain biking and only had a road bike a few months but really enjoy it my problem is the run due to knee probs in the past and not done any for a long time i reckon i could do it in about 2.20 which before everyone starts laughing i know its slow i want to finish not race would you have any tips on pacing or running off the bike as i find this extremely difficult if push to hard on the bike then legs are creamed for the run. basically i want to go out there enjoyit not finish last and not make a prat of myself im trying to guage wether its for elite athletes only or can the average joe enjoy this tyope of event any help would be most appreciated. i have 7 weeks before the event and my target is 2 hours or below but i need to pace my self quicker if that makes sence




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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Hey Trev & welcome to this weird world...I have never raced Halesowen, but if it is anything like any of the other sprints I have raced then you will fit right in, there are the fast boys & girls & there are the first timers 7 plenty in between. you will be fine & I am guessing that you will be way under 2 hrs finish.
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    Hi TrevTri

    I am in the same boat as you and have started training for my 1st sprint distance tri in September at Dorney Lake near Windsor. I have a running background too and have also just invested in my first road bike - loving it! I am also swimming with a local Tri club in order to prepare myself for the open water bit. I am taking the approach that I hope I will be somewhere in the middle of the pack with all the training I am putting in and shear determination - I am going to try my very best, but more so just want to enjoy the event. At least once I have completed it I will know what went wrong and where to improve - we can't all be world beaters on our maiden voyage - just hope I don't end up like the Titanic in bits at the bottom of Dorney Lake!!! Like you, I would be eternally grateful of any hints and tips that the more experienced forum members can offer. Ta very much like and good luck at Halesowen!!
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    ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    I'm with Britspin with this. 2 hours after you start you'll be enjoying a beer!

    More importantly is this a pool event? If so you don't need to worry about coming last. Because of the way people are set off in small waves in the swim, when you are out on the bike you often have very little idea of how you are doing compared to the people you see on the course.

    I'm a fairly slow swimmer and in pool based swims I tend to be set off early and sometimes can be finished before the quick swimmers have even started.

    Have a fun day.
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    trevtritrevtri Posts: 39
    Thanks for that im going to give it a go yes it is pool based my running is the worst out of all three and was worried about injuring my knee again but I am hoping i have a good day and will post to let you know how i get on. I suppose the first one is to do it for myself I just wish id had the guts to start doing them 10 yrs ago lol as im a bit of an old git to start them now.

    any more tips keep posting em

    cheers again

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