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wetsuit try before buying

hi can anyone tell me where i can try on wetsuits befor i buy in the surrey area.


  • SuperSonicSuperSonic Posts: 18
    I've been advised to not just try wetsuits on dry - but try them on wet.

    One way to do this is to buy some online, try them on at home (and get in the shower with them on) and return if the wrong size.
  • MattRobinsMattRobins Posts: 15
    Sigma Sports in Kingston. They have quite a large range and their staff will ensure you pick the right one for your body shape/size before you buy. It is very important that you get the correct fit. Too tight or too loose and it will cause problems in the water.
  • Get a session in at liquid leisure Datchet open water swim, they normally have a rack of wetsuits that I think you can try. www.openwaterswim.co.uk
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