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NEW half iron event for the NW

Hey all, gonna post this in events to,
just to let you all know theres is a 100 place half iron man distance event now been set up for sept 4th this year!!!
It has been set up this year as a charity event, with 50% of entry fee going to Macmillan + riding for disabled charities, 40% going to either fire service, police or ambulance charities whichever you choose, and only 10% going to the organiser to cover his costs of setting the event up.
It has been set up by Dave Quartermaine and is being run thru Uberfit events, so a proper company who have done them before.
All info is on their website, but a great price and for a good cause and a challenging distance!!!
People can also get their own sponsorship if they wish for their own charitys as entry money is already going to the charities above.
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