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Quintana Roo Hydrofull Wetsuit fit

Just need some opinions:
Just bought the above wetsuit from Evans Cycles online, I overlap in the sizing catagorys so I've had the two delivered which supposidly fit my frame.
Both of them fit apart from one issue, the velcro fastner on the back of the neck when it is fully closed the back of the neck is slack & has about an inch gap between the neoprene flap (which is to prevent chaffing on the zip) and the fastened velcro strap.
I can make it tight but you are using the absolute maximum tolerance the velcro will allow & would probably ping open while swimming (and it looks odd as you have this abnormally large overlap on one side of your neck - not very hydronamic??)

Has anyone out there got one of the latest QR wetsuits - If so can anyone relate to my issue ? or is it just me.
By the way, my neck is not abnormally or anything thin it's a healthy 14.5 - 15 inches



  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I have a similar thing on my B70 Reaction, doesn't seem to be enough to grip but in the water no probs, suit is a very tight fit on land but nice and comfy in the water.

    All I can suggest is to get someone to check it out for you/take a photo and post here for our collective expert considered opinion
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