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Planet X 50mm (2009)

Will pick up a second hand pair from 2009, with a new dura ace cassette - in good condition for roughly 300£. Pending the usual events I enter, this wheelset seem to be a good option as always hilly and windy!

Can anyone recommend these or am i better saving for another couple of years and buy ZIPP 404's or better again train the shit out it!

( I currently do a flat(!) olympic in around 2h 20-30min and i have a carbon TT bike with fulcrum 7's.)


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    PX 50s have a good rep; I have the R50s, v light now at £499

    Zipp 404s, well another league there
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    Good wheels and if they have tubs fitted already thats a fair price.

    Fit the wheels AND train the arse out of it!

    If you really want people thinking you run Zipps and therefore must be either sponsored, fast or loaded....just put Zipp stickers over the PX ones but outside of forums no one really cares
  • andissandiss Posts: 82
    tubs fitted, seller now changed his mind as he has not enough money yet to buy new bling easton wheels, typical!

  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    These are on Ebay all the time at that sort of price. Keep an eye out.

    I can definitely recomend them - light and pretty aero with the bladed spokes.
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