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Don Finks - Be Iron Fit

Would like to hear from anyone who's used the Don Finks training plan for an ironman.

Am doing IM France next year and am in week 3 competative plan. (yes i started 2 weeks early). I find it easy to follow. Have had to jiggle the days around due to work commitments but no problem fitting everything in.

HR zones - no problem staying in zone2 for the run esp if on tredmill. however on the bike i struggle to stay in zone 2 due to steep hills around where i live. Do the high cadence 100+ RPM on the turbo trainer with no probs.

Swimming - did 2500 metres swim in 1hr 15mins. According to Don the swim section of the training should take you approx 1hr. It takes me just under 1 1/2hrs! However i do enjoy the swims, even though im crap! Contacting a swim coach in hope to rectify this. May even travel down south to tri central in manchester if no improvement.

Im also following his strength training routine twice a week.

x joanne

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