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Are Hybrid bikes OK for first time triathlon?

I took advise from someone regards buying a hybrid for my first triathlon but now as I read a bit more I'm beginning to think maybe another type of bike would be better. Can someone please advise me as the Hybrid is new and I could still exchange it for something else.


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    It reallly depends what (else) you will use the bike for. If you will use to commute to work, go to the shops or go for a Sunday ride with wife and kids, keep it. It gives you that flexibility and will be just fine for your first couple of triathlons. No matter what you ride, there will always be guys and girls on the their £4,000 rockets blowing by you - as I have found out.

    If you end up getting the Tri fever, you can and will upgrade at some point anyway. There is always a sexier toy out there. If on the other hand, you decide its not for you, you will have a bike that gives you flexibility.

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    LindsLinds Posts: 124
    There will always be someone on a better bike I'm afraid.

    I got a racer (second hand Halfords special off ebay) because I didn't have a bike, and didn't really see myself using a bike off road.

    However my mate has just bought a hybrid for his first event as he lives in the country and will be using it on off road footpaths, trails etc. as well as roads.

    You'll be fine on your hybrid - I saw a LOT of people on hybrids, mountain bikes etc. at Bath Sprint (my first event) including one bloke with a set of panniers !

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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    The main thing is to complete! To my mind anything else is a bonus. Have a go, the chances are you will want to continue and enter more events, but if you decide it is not for you then at least you can wear the T shirt with pride and say you have done one and not blown a wad of cash in the process.

    If you do get the bug (what do I mean 'IF') Triathlon can become incredibly addictive and the pursuit of lighter, faster and shinier things is quite easy to get sucked into. I did my first tri on a £60 Halfords MTB with knobbly tyres and very aero spoke reflectors BUT I enjoyed it just as much on that bike as I do now even though I am 16 minutes faster over the same course on my 3rd bike which cost me about a grand.

    As above there are far too many disgustingly young and healthy people who just blast past me (not that I'm a bitter old fart) but realistically if a 25 year old on a £4K rocket (or even a decent road bike) can't give a 51 year old a good run for their money then there is something seriously wrong.

    But please, do have a go, you will love it.
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    Thanks to everyone for the replies and sound advice. I'm going to keep it and just get out there and complete my first triathlon!!! Yahoo [:D]
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