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OD Tri in 7 weeks


First time on but looking for some direction/advise/encouragement. . .i have singed up for my 1st OD Tri and it is in 7 weeks.

I have slipped off the trainging plan in a big way.

I have 2 sprints in August. Have only been running, no swim in 2 months and no bike in 2 months

I am a little concerened, do you think I still can do it?[&:]



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    Well.... of course you can!!!

    OK so you probably need to up the training a bit but if you've done a fair bit before, you'll soon get it all back.

    I've got my first Oly on 14th September - I'm aiming to do two sessions of each discipline each week up until the week before the event. I'm managing the swim and run but have't been on my bike since 21st June! (last race)

    Why don't you post back on here with what you're doing - I'll do the same and we'll drag one another along a bit?

    Good luck!!
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    Thanks for the reassurance!

    I got back on the plan this weekend. Squeezed in a 3 mile run Sat on the Treadmill and a 6 mile run out on the road Sunday. Trying to get in 2 swims this week and at least one bike.

    The 2 sprints this month are pretty hilly and know i will get at least 2 good solid workouts form those.

    Where is your Oly Tri? Mine is in Westchester NY, I think a little over my head.

    Good luck to you as well and hope we can encourage each other!

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    Hi there,

    Glad to hear you are getting back on track - my weekend training went to pot as we had a load of visitors who just wanted feeding and entertaining - arrrgghhhh!!

    Still, this week I have a few sessions planned - circuit training tonight, swim on Thursday and hopefully a quiet weekend ahead so that I can get some quality training done - I really need to get out on the bike and hopefully I'll get an open water session in as well.

    My race is Bala on the 14th Sept - I'm getting pretty nervous!
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    Hey mj how's the training going?
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I did the London Olympic after a similar 'training' pattern.... although it wasn't exactly my first race - I've done one or two of these things before. [:D]

    I had done no running for two months, on account of a torn hip cartilage and other issues. My swimming had been limited to about one hour per week, on account of my bad shoulder finally crying 'enough', and my cycling was still at base-training level since - without the other two disciplines being possible - I didn't really feel like going through the pain of a build phase. Anyway, I might have started to care about my results.

    So I turned up to London, and I finished it - injuries and all.

    If you have the chance to do some base level training so it is not too much of a shock to your body then you should be fine. I'm assuming you have a reasonable level of fitness and are confident that you can exercise fairly hard for about 3 hours, and can actually do the distances (especially the swim).

    I guess my point is that you WILL finish it. The only variables are how long it takes and how much pain you enjoy!
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    Doesn't time fly - perhaps this thread should now be called "oh s*%! OD in 2 weeks and 2 days"

    Hope it's all going to plan for all those out there racing on the 14th
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