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50cm Dolan Pallotola full carbon ultegra / dura ace

I'm considering selling my lovely Dolan Pallotola TT bike as I'm not convinced I'm good enough to bother having two bikes and it doesn't get used much.

So, it's a Naked carbon / black lacquered TT frame, 50cm size with Wing TT forks and aero seat post - both full carbon too, with full Ultegra setup except the shifters, which are dura ace.

Wheels are the probably the lowest spec bits of kit - Bontrager Select with Vittoria rubino pro tyres - 20mm front 23mm back.

The bars are Profile design aero wing (slightly shortened) with T2+ extensions.

The frame was second hand when I bought it, had it built up by my LBS using the Ultegra components off my Trek 1500.

The gearset has done about a thousand miles and is in excellent condition. Garaged over winter and I have raced it in one 10 mile TT and one sprint Tri only (hence comments about value and not using it enough!)

The frame has some chips which are superficial, most notably from chain suck on the rear stay.

£Looking for a grand. There's no way you would get a new bike specced like this for that money (but yes, this isn't a new bike...!)

Located in South Yorkshire, travel regularly to Lincoln and Nottingham; photo to follow. pm or message for more details.
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