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How hot is your pool?

Turned up to one of my local pools (Retford) this morning at seven, and it was 29 degrees!

Fine for grannies who want to keep their hair dry, but frankly uncomfortable for anybody swimming purposefully.

Anybody else have the same problem?


  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Oh bloody hell, yes. The infamous Hampshire Tennis and Health Club indoor swimming pool, 29deg minimum, has been up to 32deg.

    We got it lowered for a while, but the Aqua-aerobics class - "For people who are too fat & lazy to exercise on land! (TM)" - got their hair-nets in a spin, as did all the people who have taught their kids that swimming pools should be as warm as a bath. We tried to put up some explanatory signs saying "The pool temperature has been lowered for health reasons" but it slowly crept up again...

    Combined with hygiene problems and over-use and you get chloramine levels so high that I got lung damage one night, and one of our guys ended up in hospital.

    But it is close to my house, so I've been putting up with it for years. Actually, the outdoor pool is really nice.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Bopomofo wrote:
    But it is close to my house, so I've been putting up with it for years. Actually, the outdoor pool is really nice.

    Yeah, I bet the outdoor pool temp is about fine this time of year![:o]

    Pool over here are rather on the coldish side; which is fine for swimming, but not for too long pauses to chat with the tri-buddies.
  • The pool I use it at my local Cannons health club and it's a bit of a lottery. In the main it's on the too warm side, although occasionally it can be quite bracing when you get in. I put it down to them putting on an increasing amounts of kids swimming lessons (3 straight hours on a Satrday morning!).

    Is it just me, or is it easier to swim when the pool is cooler?
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    There is a thread on here about pool temps..if search is working, detailing why we get the pool temp that those lane hoggers (in yet another thread) want, not what the swimmers want. This despite councils shutting pools as an expense to run when dropping temp by miniscule degrees at a time wouls save loads of cash & the environment too..win win!
  • woodywoody Posts: 52
    the temp in my local pool went up a few weeks ago. Too hot now, and very hard work to swim in. I liked it when you first get in that it actuallys feels cold, now i use to moan, but actually prefer it. You'd think that with the increase in gas/oil/electric that heating the pool would cost too much to turn the heating up.
  • The outrageous temperature was one of the reasons i binned my jjb gym membership it was like swimming through soup.

    I don't know if anyone else has the same reaction,but i had to stop every few lengths and take a drink as my mouth just kept drying up !

    I now swim at my local council pool which is marginally better,and only £15 per month for unlimited usage[:D]

    I'm tempted to give the newly opened olympic pool in Liverpool a try, now that i can swim with some semblance of technique[;)]
  • Hampton Outdoor Pool is 28C during the day.[:'(]

    It's like swimming in a hot-tub.
  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    Local pool is about 21 degrees, its abit of a chill when you jump in but perfect for a good hard swim!
  • my local 17.5m pool (something to do with the designers fecking it up it was supposed to be 20m) was 32 degrees last week which when iasked was told that yeah it was a bit warm and they would lower it down to its usual 31 degrees. i found that if i tried to put in any effort into my swimming it ment i had to stop every few lengths and hop up onto the side of the pool to cool down,i was there late and there was a side door open while the staff where cleaning up which was leaving in freezing cold air (i now have a cold[:'(]) the nearest other pool 40min drive is normally about 30-31 degrees so equally impossible to do any real work in[:@] i cant wait for april when i will happliy jump into 11 degree fresh atlantic sea water[&:]
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    My local pool is the same. Its so bloody hot that I take a bottle of water in with me. Those lazy skiddlers who just dot about in the pool look at me as if I'm stupid but then I'm not the one who's about three stones over weight.....

    I now travel about 20 miles to go to one which is a lot colder and better to swim in....
  • The average in my pool (Westonbirt School) is about 29-30 (for the slow people who don't like getting their hair wet) but on Tue and Wed as a special treat it goes up to 32-33 degrees for Waterbabies - the only advantage is is you can do 3000m in temperatures like that you can do it in the cold faster!!

  • local pool used to be at 29-32 but we moaned when we were training so they cooled it down for our late night sessions thank god now it is around 25 but still a bit warm for my likeing!!

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Are there not official regulations for pool temperatures? I thought there would be some health and safety stuff about pool temperatures
  • Local Cannons is usually 28-29 which is a bit too warm for my taste. The public pool at Tavistock is usually around 32 and apparently if they lower it they get the blue-rinse brigade complaining. I've been thrown out of the over 50's session because they wouldn't believe I was that old although I must admit that I went in deliberately to wind them up.
  • woodywoody Posts: 52
    treefrog wrote:

    Are there not official regulations for pool temperatures? I thought there would be some health and safety stuff about pool temperatures

    don't think there are any for temperature, or chlorine levels for that. But I swam once back in the summer in a hot pool that had combined chlorine levels 2.5times the recomended max. now suffer from asthma, and when i reported the combined chlorine figure to the local health department, they said noting too much to worry about, but the management at the pool I usually swim in said that the pool should have been closed, and the heat makes the combined chlorine worse and the free choline less effective at doing it's cleaning job. Swimming pools in general in this country are really bad for your health if you look into the figures.

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