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Rough Track Triathlon

Anyone done the Roughtrack Triathlon?

Looks a great way to end the season ie when I'm fed up with chasing 2:20. The organisers always put on a great race and it looks at bit diiferent to the run of the mill triathlons. Dorney Lake is about the only open water swim venue I've done where you can see the next few swimmers along. Nice clear water.

Anyone know what the route's like?


  • KempasKempas Posts: 1
    Not sure to be honest, but I'm up for finding out.

    I've entered for the first time this year (in fact it'll be my first tri) and I'm massively looking forward to it. I've heard from a mate who did it last year that the route's pretty decent (i.e, more enjoyable and challenging than anything else), and I@ve only gone for the sprint myself justo take the edge off of my first attempt!

    Bring it on!
  • maxiboymaxiboy Posts: 1
    I did the rough track last year and it was absolutely brilliant. You're quite right, Dorney is a fantastic venue for the swim, the water is really clear, and pretty warm. It ended up being a pretty relaxing swim leg as far as I was concerned.

    The off road bike section is great because its a bit different from other events. Its not really hardcore, there aren't any jumps etc. It's more muddy tracks and rough paths.

    The run starts on the road, then goes off road, no hills or anything, just mud paths through forests which was a really nice way to finish.

    I would recommend doing this event to anyone. I will be there again this year definitely.
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