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Bike advice: service and cassettes

Okay -

newbie tri-cyclist asks....

My trusty do-it-all bike has a Orbea Mitis 2 frame, Time Avanti forks and a Campagnola Veloce 9spd groupset.

The time has come to bite the financial bullet and get it serviced.

However, I find myself on quite a budget at the moment, so I'm hoping to do some myself.

I reckon it's safe to say the chain and cassette have had it (how long are they supposed to last anyway?).

So I'm thinking of changing things.

As a Richmond local, I do quite a bit of cycling in the Park and it's undulating hills.

Any advice on which cassette would suit best?

Choices seem to be:

12-23, 13-23 or 13-26

Also, what kind of durability am I like to see in a Campagnola Veloce 9spd groupset?

When are parts likely to wear out?

What should I be doing with my wheels - bearing change?



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    I would say that doing mainly/only triathlons etc you're unlikely to need a 26 tooth cassette, so personally I'd knock that out as it rarely gets that steep.

    I use a 12-23 as I find myself liking the fast ring as I'm the masher/low cadence type.

    If you're likewise then go for this, if you're not, then choose the 13. The difference is in the smoother changes between gears.

    Longevity wise, it depends on how you define 'needs replacing'. I don't know about the entire groupset which really should last for years and years, but chains and cassettes are designed to wear so will need replacing periodically. Some go for the accurate measurement method, where if it has worn beyond a certain amount it needs a new one. Others (me included) use the 'if it ain't broke' method which as long as it still shifts gears ok, it doesn't need replacing.

    Either method makes a difference to the longevity. If you get good quality kit, the second method should last you well over 18 months maybe into 2 years if you take care of them (clean, oiled etc).

    On your wheels, you shouldn't need a bearing change. At worst a good greasing. You may well need to get the spokes retensioned by an experienced mechanic which will ensure everything is tight and straight/true which will keep you safe and fast.

    Hope this helps you out.

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    gunforhiregunforhire Posts: 457
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    My Campag mountain bike wheels are 15 years old and have never needed the hubs checking. Still roll as smooth as the day I got them in spite of many races and river treks.

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