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Wetsuit dilema... decisions decisions

Ok. First off, I'm new to open water swimming but I dragged myself down to Datchett this morning for my first dip at Liquid Leisure.

Mike at Open Water Swim was good enough to loan me a 2XU T0 suit. Cheers[;)]

So after getting my head together round the 250m lap (pretty nervous), I put 2 laps of the 750m in.

Was loving it by the end!

To be honest the 2XU T0 was probably top of my shopping list, before I tried it, however after 1500m I had a badly chaffed neck.

Anyone tried the 2XU C2 or Orca Excel or Sonar?

Would be interested in a comparison between the brands. Does one favour a particular body shape, etc.

Will back in the water pre-work this week!

So looking to buy soon.




  • Did you use any "body Glide" ???
  • I have not used a 2XU suit, but am very happy with my 2008 Orca Sonar. It is much more flexible around the chest and shoulders than the 2007 version (wich also split on one of the seams).
  • notmilknotmilk Posts: 35
    I too had some chafing from my first time wearing my wetsuit - but this is a good thing. Now I know where exactly to apply the bodyglide and subsequent swims in the suit were chafe free!

    Gotta love that bodyglide.

    Did the same thing with my bike shoes and running shoes wearing no socks.
  • gunforhiregunforhire Posts: 457
    off to datchett again tomorrow.

    picked some body glide up from Up&Running at the weekend, will give it a go.[;)]

    hopefully I can try another 2XU model, C2 or Elite as well.[:)]

    Orca Sonar does look good though...
  • glad to hear someone had a positive experience with T:0, bored one at Liquid Leisure a couple of times.

    Had a go with V:1 last weekend, probably wasted on my mindless thrashing & weaving direction.

    Guys down there had said to me that 2XU apparently has a better material compound than Orca - can't imagine it has anything to do with Rich Stannard being sponsored by them
  • gunforhiregunforhire Posts: 457
    Body Glide rocks![:)]

    Zero chaffing.

    Tried a Small/Medium 2XU Elite.

    Loved it!
  • I have the same suit (E:1) in the same size bought from the same guys and think its great. More flexible in the shouders than my previous suit (which ripped and had to be returned to Wiggle).

    Its a way better suit than I am a swimmer but that could be said for most of my tri gear I suppose.
  • I purchased the Orca Sonar earlier this year. I found it fitted me better than the 2XU C:1 which was a bit restrictive around my shoulders. I'm a bit of a top heavy rugby player build - Problem is I've been out with injury and haven't used it yet - maybe it's cursed because as soon as I bought it I got injured! Off to the Quays in Camberley this weekend to give it a go and let you know how it feels on Monday.
  • gunforhiregunforhire Posts: 457

    This leads me to my next question....

    How long to "break in" a wetsuit?

    i.e. can you just buy one and go out and race in it, or do you need to get a certain number of swims in first?
  • The wetsuit will be fine, it is your body that will need to be 'broken in' using the wetsuit, it probably be fine for a small distance but if you are not used to swimming in it a long swim may give you a bit of angst.

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