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x-terrain triathlon

Anyone tried this triathlon series?

x-terrain triathlon http://www.allabouttriathlons.co.uk/events_xtt_07.php

Like the sound of it: Swim, MTB, Cross country run. Proper hard, like!

Did a few Sprint triathlons this year, and this just looks like a lot of fun.

Never been mountain biking before but the course doesn't look to bad. The gallery even has photos of a guy on a Cyclocross bike!

Who's with me?


  • Hey

    that looks well fun!! I'd love to do but I'm up in the scottish borders, due to my young family no way of getting all the way to surrey. Wait for the father son events in a couple of years!

    check this out if you want to go off road I'm thinking about it for 2010

    The ben nevis


  • Hi Gun,

    This looks fun and it's just down the road from me in Bracknell. I might need to get out on the MTB first for some practice me thinks...

    Do you know when the XTT is?

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