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crashed, burned, gutted

Hi All

Have been absent for while because my laptop gave in have had no access, but am back again now!!!

Went to Wimbleball at the weekend... what a fantastic event, really good atmosphere, very well organised and what a beautiful location... we should all give it a go next year!!!

As for the race, thats a different story... was chuffed to bits getting out of the swim at 33mins and feeling great, went bit dizzy up the 400m run uphill to transition but arrived there feelin good and virtually had my wetsuit ripped from my back by the helpers, who then totally helped me get dressed, it was great... sprinted for the bike and was off, really looking forward to the ride... going down the first hill noticed a fellow doing a bit of weaving about and so cleverly thought i'd get over the other side of the road and sped up to get past him... next thing i knew, said fellow hits the verge on the opposite side from me, jumps off his bike and bails out, throwing the bike straight into my path, i was probably doing about 25 mph at this point and there was no way to avoid it and the rest is history... 3 great lessons learned 1... i CAN'T fly...2... i CAN bounce and 3.. the coffee in Taunton A+E is very nice... i could add in a 4th which is something about hating Poland (the guy who bailed was Polish) but i wouldn't want to sound xenophobic!!!

my bike is a total wreck, only 6 weeks old, I have a definite case of stigmata and won't be able to swim for at least a month because the gravel rash on my right elbow is down to the bone and they couldn't stitch it because all the flesh was still in the road and so its just an open wound.... i think the word is BUGGER!!! 6 months hard training down the swannee, i was completely devestated.

For any of you that were there and went past, thanks for your words of support and sorry if you had to avoid me, i was probably trying to get to said Pole to inflict some serious wrath, but had to abandon it because of the stream of traffic!!! probably best eh!!!

it's not put me off though, i've just put the IM tee shirt and hat that i bought, away ina cupboard for a while and I've now booked in for Trentham half and Vitruvian and once i stop feeling sorry for myself and can bend my limbs again its back to training....

My best friend, with whom i do all my training, finished in 6:13 so well done Big E, i would have been a bit slower cos he's a stronger runner but i reckon i would have got about 6:30.... have to find out next year!!! and Big E did let me touch his finishers t shirt and medal.

Cheers All



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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    oh man that is so unlucky! I really feel for you mate!

    I think when those kind of things happen when they are you fault (my skiing accident comes to mind!) you can accept them, but when it is completely someone else's then it really is infuriating! Why did the guy crash did you find out?

    Sounds like you have just the right attitude though mate, get back on the steed and go for vitruvian! I was tempted to do it myself as I will be moving nearby in september but as I have never done that distance I think I will leave it till next year! I will definitely come and watch though!

    I wish you a speedy recovery matey, and I hope you can resume training soon!
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    Cheers mate... feelin much better today and so am considering going to the gym and doin a bit on a stationary bike... Hungry (my faithful steed) is still in the poorly bike shop!!! have actually got to go to Leicester later and so am also going to drive round the Vitruvian bike course and then same again at Trentham on the way back!!! Hopefully give me summut to focus on!!!
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    epacseepacse Posts: 92
    GUTTED for you mate, truly GUTTED!!

    [:(] [:@] [:(]

    What can anyone say, other than that!

    Tri keep the chin up mate, tri some Gym work, keep focussed, and i will stop sounding patronising now and wish you well and a speedy recovery!


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    legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    Just wanted to add my condolences - can't even begin to imagine how you feel. Try and keep your chin up! Have a look at some nice new bikes to cheer you up and get an insurance claim form on the go for the old one!

    Get better soon!!!
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    dunedogdunedog Posts: 15
    Really sorry to hear that was you. Came down the lane in a crowd and saw two bikes on the floor and saw someone holding their arm but still running around picking kit up...all credit - I would just have sat there gutted! It certainly made me think going up the hill to the turn point. Hope you get the bike sorted and get back in training soon.
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    Thanks to you all, sometimes a few kind words is just what you need... feelin much better now and hopefully will be backto runnin tomorrow!!!

    went round the Vitruvian course today... bring it on... can't wait!!!

    Dunedog, that was me runnin round, got most of my kit and was totally goin to get back on the bike until i noticed the L shaped wheels, then was tryin to get to the other bloke.... emotions at the time were runnin high but now feel quite sure that he didn't do it on purpose... a sorry may have been nice though!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah well, onwards and upwards.. how did you get on by the way and what an atmosphere, will deffo be there next year!!!

    Thanks again everyone

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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    You should learn that it was your fault.... if someone is wobbling you should hold back until they straighten out.. your screaming up behind them probably put them off more. Lucky you didnt really injure the guy.

    Sorry to be a #### but thats what I think... its easy to get carried away in the heat of the race - thats something to avoid with experience.

    Its the same when cars speed past a bike as soon as they think they posibly can, to save 1 milisecond (if that) on their journey... paintience s a virtue.

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
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    Appreciate your point of view Barny, however, I moved to the opposite side of the road once I saw the wobbling and didn't go screaming up behind him and not sure about anyone else but, especially in a race situation, 1) If I knew I was wobblin I was would stop and 2) I would take the hit on the crash and not just throw my bike into the path of other riders

    Hadn't thought about the holding back bit though, is this what people really do!!! not in my spec that one... however after saying that if i had then i spose i wouldn't now have to keep peeling myself off the bedsheets in the morning!!! But hoping the sun and sea in Majorca next week will help with that!!!

    Actually, Mrs PiP has just made a good observation.... aparently I DID go screaming past him but I was in the air at the time and I'm pretty sure thats not you meant Barny (LOL)!!!!

    Good news about Hungry (faithful steed), not a total write off but will cost about £300 to mend.... happy with that... and the fact that I have just written that must surely now mean that I'm now a triathlete... how can you be happy about spending £300???
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