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Hi, well 750m swim seemed easy in my head 30 lengths no probs only thing is i can only do it Breast stroke when i try front crawl i DROWN. ok slight exaggeration ,

so to the point, does anybody know of a good swim coach in north herts area around hitchin stevenage harpenden kinda location? cos i need help ..........

also any good tips on stopping my heavy legs and butt from sinking so much its like pulling a battleship up and down the pool

dont think breaststroking it all the way is a great idea so public drowning end of august

Cheers mat


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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Not sure about the coach mate, but the heavy legs are caused by improper balance, you should be actively pushing down on your chest, as to create the sensation of swimming downhill (sorry a bit of TI lingo there). This should bring your legs up, they should be just below the surface, with your kick "boiling" the water.
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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Hi Mat,

    Not too sure about the coaches, but there are a couple of good quality tri clubs in your area. FVS Tri are based in Hitchin and Tri-Force are based around St Albans. They both hold coached swim sessions so I would recommend speaking to them and see what they can offer.

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    starcherstarcher Posts: 126
    Cheers guys

    Was swimming this morning in the pool and pushing my chest down deffinitely helped, seems like knowing what your doing is a good thing.

    Think you have a point Boycie joining a club would make alot of sense have checked out the sites of FVStri and tri force the FVS seems to want their members to be of a minimum standard and im not sure if im up to it so it looks like Tri Force might benifit from my years of neglect glutony and over indulgence how lucky can a club get .



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