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National Duathlon - MK. Tips and course?

I'm down to do the National Duathlon at Milton Keynes next week.

It'll be my second Duathlon, and after the shock to the system that was my first race of the year at Marlow, I'm looking for some insider information![;)]

There's not a lot of information at http://www.big-cow.com/public/race.aspx?id=645

I want to know what the run course is like. Is it flat or trails?

My biggest query is about the bike course though.

Are there a lot of hills? I suck at hills![&:]

If there are, I think I'll finally get around to fitting the compact chainset that's been in my shed for the last 3 months![:)]


  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    not done the duathlon meself, but think the bike leg was described in either the last issue or the one before when they tested the isaac bike. pobably not very helpful.....
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