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Got a PlanetX SL Pro Carbon? Tell me about it!

Seriously considering a PlanetX SL Pro Carbon, but have yet to see any reviews!

I've currently got an old Orbea Mitis 2 frame (all aluminium), carbon Time forks, Campag Veloce 9 speed groupset (pre BB), and Campag Vento wheels.

It's a good bike don't get me wrong but the Planet X ticks all the boxes for my first serious bike.

The Shimano Ultegra components are a fair bit more bling than the Veloce, plus that carbon frame has got to be worth a PB!

Plus it has a 10 speed Compact chainset (which I really want to try).

Only thing holding me back is the lack of tests and reviews online, so would really appreciate some info from those that own one.



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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    There was a guy out on one in my local reliability today. It was brand new and looked great in naked carbon. The guy was really proud of it showing it off and talking it up to all his mates.

    It must have been good because he he was at the head of the A group and I never saw him the rest of the day!

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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I replied!
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    [;)]Thanks Treefrog - I was hoping to hear from owners though.

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    Hi - re Planet X carbon

    had one for over a year now, great bike, rate it very highly. Have used it in all weathers (its my winter training bike...) - only thing that has failed in a year of use is a spoke breaking on rear wheel.

    Comfy, light, responsive, looks cool (carbon mmmm...). A mate of mine tried it out and promptly ordered one, he's chuffed with his as well. Will prob be using mine to do Lands End - John O'groats again this year

    I'd recommend you get stick on patches to prevent cable rub against the frame.

    For the money, its a no-brainer! (And if you can get yours via the ride-2-work scheme like i did, you get it for roughly half price as well). Would happily order another one today if i needed to replace it


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    antscossar wrote:

    had one for over a year now

    In another thread, Gunforhire was lamenting the fact that no owners have replied. I was about to post saying something along the lines of: There are less than 2,500 members on the forum - only a relatively small percentage of these will be active at any one time. The likelihood is that most people will come to find answers - which means that they are more likely to be beginners.

    PlanetX probably only sell a few hundred bikes, tops, at most per year.

    So, the chances of a reader of the forum owning one is probably quite slim - and if they did, they would have to go to the effort of creating an account to post a response, because the chances are they won't be a member.

    Most readers will only read the first page, or use the search function - so a post will only remain visible for a day or so.

    Which means the chances of getting a reply to this sort of question is next to zero.

    But then, you've just gone and proved me wrong.

    But it has given me a good idea for a poll (which has probably been done before!)
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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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