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Upgrading bike components. Suggestions please.

What dissatisfies you the most? All your components are pretty good, with nothing that stands out..

If the whole thing is reasonably balanced, then reviewing the frame is always a good start! If that doesn't count as a component in your book, then work you way through wheels - fancy anything out there? then groupset/chain set. Then brakes. Then bars/saddle. Then cycle computer.

Basically, the things that make the most difference, timewise, are the things to change first!

Gradually iterate through each item: frame upgrade, wheels, and so on, until you've got everything back into balance (i.e. all components are well matched), then off you go again!


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    Okay, I did post looking for reviews of the Planet X SL Carbon but didn't get any, so as an alternative plan I was thinking of upgrading my existing bike.

    It consists of an old Orbea Mitis 2 frame (all aluminium), carbon Time forks, Campag Veloce 9 speed groupset (pre Ultra Torque) with 53/39 Veloce chainset, Campag Vento wheels, Profile Tri bars and Look pedals.

    It's been pretty well ridden over the years, and was originally a Condor Fratello Veloce until a car driver totalled the frame, hence the Orbea Mitis courtesy of Ebay. I'd love to say that it's only been ridden in the sun but in truth, it was my commuter bike so has seen all weathers, pot holes, kerbs and the like.

    So, what do you guys think?

    What would the components go well with?

    What would you spend the money on?

    Haven't got a massive budget but it'll probably go a bit further as most stuff will be through Ebay!

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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    This is a difficult one for a few reasons....

    1. New wheels are the most sensible upgrade as they can be easily moved to another bike and also better wheels really improve performance but the bike seems pretty tired so would you benfit from new wheels?

    2. It is a false economy to replace one part of a worn drive train as the new part is incompatible with the older parts, a bit like replacing an old shoe with a new one - the pairing of old and new just don't work!

    3. If you replace the frame then you don't really want to hang old worn kit on a new frame

    4. Other replacements are really just cosmetic ie new handle bars will not effect the bike's performance - even if you went for uber light Schmolke TLO's and they might effect the handling of the bike

    Go and do yourself a favour either do nothing and put up with the bike or go out and buy a built up bike - like the Planet X

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