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am i too late

get yourself a copy of 220, look in the back. it has all the events left this year. There should still be some available.


  • TeaJayTeaJay Posts: 29
    Hi Guys,

    My brother and i are currently training for our first tri, he's in the army and as such is a little bit fitter than me, however i will be ready in about another 6 weeks to hit my first event.

    my swim is probably my strongest even with cycling next and running.... well lets say if i stagger home i will be happy.

    my question is, are there lists of national events i can look at to try and get myself registered arond 8 weeks time or am i / we too late for this year now ?

    although i cycle and swim and have done for the last few years i am new to all this so please forgive me if i am posting an obvious question.

    any help welcome really,

  • JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    Check out the events tab at the top of this page on the main menu.
  • TeaJayTeaJay Posts: 29
    thanks for the help guys !

    I'm targetting a sprint tri in clevland on october 5th. need to check availability first.

    are most events pretty acomadating or will i just get in the way of you pro's ?!?!

    basically, how do i make sure newbies are welcome ?

    also, i read all swimming should be in wet suits, is this the same for pool swims ?

    i am now probably asking lots of questions that have been asked before but i didn;t see a FAQ area on the forum so appolgies up front !

  • LindsLinds Posts: 124

    You will be amde to feel very welcome. I did my first tri a few weeks ago and it was great and everybody was very helpful.

    There are more begineers threads on here than pretty much any other topic, so I won't repeat them all, just advise you to use the search button and set aside several hours to read them all.


    Wetsuits aren't allowed in pool swims and nearly everyone wears a one price (although some wear 2 piece) trisuits s you wear this for every discipline.
  • JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    I'm a beginner as well TeaJay. only one Super Sprint under my belt. (Eton) and that was great. You'll find some great advice on this board. Just before my first tri I asked what I should take and the responses I got helped me write a checklist of kit.
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