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GPS when running.

anybody use there handheld GPS when running ?

if so do you have a armband holder or can you recomend 1 ?

i use a garmin geko 201 so anything the same size really.

1 more thing, my first event is end of September, i have read a lot about number belts, are these essential to start with or just shave time off your transitions once you have done a few ? not done any competative racing before so any help welcome.


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    Can't comment on the GPS thing (I use a wrist Garmin).

    As for number belt - yes, use one. You need to display your number on your back during the biking, and on your front during the run. With the belt, you just swizel it round, no prob. (And they hardly cost anything).

    (I completed my first Olympic short distance on Sunday, so am happy to share the little knowledge I have!). good luck[:)]
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    woodywoody Posts: 52
    I use the timex ironman bodylink. great to know HR and pace as well as distance. Also record the data and upload to the PC when get back. Works on the bike as well. The GPS unit at first was a bit cumbersome, but soon get use to it, I use the arm band, as i don't trust the clip on the back of my shorts.
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