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bike comp-watch question?

Hi all having had my bike for a week and having really stepped up to proper levels of tri training not just messing around in the gym anymore, i have a question which i need help on please guys and guyesses.

Do i buy a standard bike comp speed odo trip etc or do i splash out on an expensive do it all polar bike watch Heart rate jobbie. or somewhere in between any suggestions on make or model would be greatly excepted i know everyone has different opinions but at the moment i dont have one at all.

cheers all



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    transittransit Posts: 163
    It's really up to what works for you I'd say. The choices seem to be endless now (HR, cadence, wireless, GPS etc etc - in watch versions or bike comps). I have an all singing all dancing Timex HR monitor but all I use is the stopwatch and HR view - I don't bother setting the zones or anything like that. On the other hand I use a bike comp with cadence and use it religeously whereas others aren't that bothered as you can do regular checks by counting revs and once you have the feel for it you kinda know by feel.

    So, not sure the above helps much just backs up what I said about everyone having individual preferences. Seen anything you're thinking of?

    (Also, HR monitor is good cos it has replaceable batteries in chest strap and watch, not sure what model but it is Timex. Just got wireless bike comp. from Ribble with cadence, it's a Pro race (I think), it's quite chunky but seems to work quite well and was cheap). Was considering the Cateye V3 but was about £90 - maybe later.
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