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Plica Inflammation

Just got back from the physio, following pulling up during a running session last week, and have been told I have a "plica inflammation" [:(]. Anyone experienced this before or got any advice on rehab? Have been told to take 2 weeks off running and stretch quads & hamstrings lots.


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Not heard of that. Had to look it up.


    Interesting. Sounds as though it could be what I have! Started off with pain on the inner side of the knee - where the medial thingumajig is. Then the whole knee really swelled up.

    I've been working on hip strengthen, glutes, quads etc. Plus lots of stretches for quads.

    It Happened the last week or so of January. I ran a race on 1st Feb, which was a mistake. And have not run since. Been doing a fair bit of rowing/cycling though... which may be slowing progress down. But I'm too impatient. I might have a run (little one) this weekend.

    Anyway, I would definitely advise taking it easy!

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    The plica is a small rodent found in the equatorial forests of central america (see Life on earth) resembling a gerbil they avoid man (even David Attenborough) as they find knee joints strangely alluring. when removed from their habitat illegally as they are protected, they seek shelter & inevitably this means a knee joint. It sounds as though you may have come into contact with one of these & it is hibernating in your knee, i suspect that your physio is hoping to scare the little blighter out by making it think it is in a sedentary knee & thus less likely to get home. In effect it is hitching a ride.

    Can you tell I had no idea either? Sounds like the usual rest & anti inflammatories for you sir & hope that is all it takes.
  • husslerhussler Posts: 237
    I had this about this time last year... becomes quite painful with exercise so dont train with it!

    I went to see the Doc, he said to take anti inflamatories and rest....

    I have the luxery of having a physio in our workplace so saw him and he gave some stretches to do and said rest.... Doc said I would be out of training for at least 8 weeks....Physio said 4-6 weeks.

    Me being impatient and not usually one for telling my coach im injured lol.... I reluctantly told my coach about it over the phone. He told me to do a certain stretch and dont take any anti inflammatories as they actually slow the recovery process down.

    He told me to lay on my front ie face down and stretch my quads as I would stood up.... IE bend your knee and pull up to your bum. Now make sure your hips are pushed towards the floor and you should be able to touch your bum with your heel quit easily normally, but may struggle with the knee how it is. Do this stretch for 10s and repeat 5 times.

    After 3 days my knee was no longer like a balloon and I could run gently on it with no pain or infammation:)

    good luck!
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