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Conti Tyres

From reading an earlier thread I was planning on buying some Conti Ultra Gator Duraskin tyres to use when I get my bike off the turbo and on to the (defrosted) open road. However, I have just read the 9 out of 10 review of the Grand Prix 2009 tyre in the latest 220.

Can anyone explain in laymans terms what the difference between the two tyres are? I don't really want to keep changing tyres for training / racing and as the seasons change so ideally want one tyre to last me until my last race in early October.


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    MGMG Posts: 470
    The gatorskin is an allround winter/wet weather training tyre with puncture protection as a priority. The grand prix is similar but with less onus on puncture protection. I have raced with gatorskins in the past and they are fine with about 15grams extra per tyre over the GPs.

    For an allrounder I really would recommend the gatorskins, Ive used them for a while on my training wheels and they handle massive abuse, from riding over broken glass and potholes to 2hr+ turbo sessions.

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