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Has anyone got any experience of buying off Nice2Tri.com (http://www.nice2tri.com/)? The good lady ordered something from them for me a couple of weeks ago and... nothing. She's emailed them twice to query what's going on with the order, but no reply as yet and when she tried calling yesterday there was no answer.


  • We have two orders from December outstanding with nice2tri but am having a great deal of trouble getting any kind of feedback on delivery times. Nothing proactive from them at all and not returning calls so not feeling like a valued customer right now ... [:@]
  • MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    Edit: Nice2Tri.com have been in contact and are attempting to resolve the issues that I've experienced. Watch this space...
  • Hmmm - thanks for the response which doesn't exactly fill me with confidence as i've given them a final chance to fulfil the orders (promised now for this week). I did get a call back but only when I requested a refund and hinted at my overall dissatisfaction.

    I'll post the outcome whatever happens next!
  • djsdjs Posts: 1
    I heard they are launching a brand new website may 6th. Personally i had a great experience........ order arrived within 24 hours.
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    Glad I read this..was going to make a purchase but am now going to avoid.

    I doubt a new website will make any difference - if the people who run it can't get orders out!

  • Out of all the U.K based websites I have found these guys the best. I ordered a new wetsuit before Xmas for my wife and it arrived next day.I rang for advise and a guy helped me alot, in fact we started talking about races etc. He told me aswell they are launching a new site soon. I like reading Rich Allen's blog as hes still doing it for the older racer!!! (Were same age!!)
  • To follow on from my posting on 19th Jan - I am now receiving a good level of update and information from the nice2tri team and and feel optimistic that the orders will come through. Certainly, i'd rather have a supplier who recognised and resolved a problem than one who didn't show any interest and it looks very much like given the opportunity to complete the order it is going to happen so hopefully i'll be back to confirm that shortly.
  • So, a few days after my last posting the goods duly arrived and have been happily absorbed into my voluminous kit collection.

    All in all, I'd rather give a new company a fighting chance and would use Nice2Tri again next time around. [8D]
  • mjpmjp Posts: 1
    Wish I'd seen this before I placed an order with them. I do not recomend them. Quick to take your money but slow to process the order. Communication is poor!
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