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Tri club dilemma

Have just finished my first full season in tri and now have a few sprint races under my belt with my times in each discipline gradually improving. So far all my training has been done under my own steam at either the gym (swims, spinning classes) or out in the open (runs, cycling) with brick sessions thrown in to the mix in the weeks leading up to a race.

To see further improvement next year I think I should look to improve technically over the winter as I‘ve never had any formal coaching in any of the disciplines. I’m currently undecided as to whether to join a dedicated tri club, or both my local athletics club and swimming club. After some basic analysis of my results in recent races my running is the main area in need of improvement, and I’ve never had any analysis of my swimming style.

I work & live in Leamington Spa so if anyone has any experience of Leamington C&AC, Kenilworth Masters and either Rugby or Coventry tri clubs I’d be interested to know the pros / cons each may offer.


  • I think the most improvement to be had from actual coaching is to be had swimming. I push myself far harder in the swim sessions at the local tri swim class then I do in the pool on a lunchtime. There is nothing like someone belting up and down the lane next to you flat out to get you to push yourself. With Cycling and running (well when my foot gets better again) I can be pretty self motivated, pushing to limits, but I don't seem to do that swimming unless i'm at the class.

    Plus the coaching on technique is essential (for me), someone watching and pointing out the bits I am weak at is something I'd never pick up on myself.

    One thing that I would be clear about if you look for a swimming club/class, is that you are aiming at longer distance swims than most swimming clubs are aiming at, and you need to focus on that level of distance (though the 400-500m of the sprint is ok - we do lots of fast work when everyone is aiming at sprints)

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I believe that swimming at the triclub is better then at the swim club (for triathletes of course), since open water distance swimming is different than short pool swimming. For example use of legs(we still need to bike and run after it!!), is diff.

    Better to go sport specific, join the tri club.[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m6.gif[/image]
  • MrSquishy did you get anywhere with this dilemma?  i have a similar query and also based in Leamington so it would be very interesting to know what your conclusion was and which club you joined.  Thanks

  • I'm also based in Leamington Spa - done a couple of sprints and now want to do a 70.3. Same dilemma as you tangokilobravo. Any thoughts? Andy

  • I'm a member of Nuneaton Tri Club and whilst only a beginner have found the swimming and running sessions to be excellent - i've not been on any of the bike sessions but i think they're a bit less structured.

    It's possibly a bit far to go for you but it's not that far....

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