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Pre Training Snack

Have joined a running club to train with over the winter and they meet at 7.30 which is later than I'm used to (normally at pool / gym by 5.30 - 6pm latest) and I'm looking for stuff to snack on to carry me through the session as I don't want to take on a full meal before.

What do people find works for them? On Monday I just chomped down a banana at ~5.30 which seemed to do the trick.


  • I'm training at 7pm tonight and have some rivita's to snack on at around 4.30/5ish! Jam sandwiches are also good!Mmm! [:D]
  • I opt for a banana and a energy drink which i sip, i normally ok so longs as i dont eat/drink within the hour before training as it gives me cramp.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    For me its flapjack at 5 and a banana at 20 mins before I start. The biggest problem with Banana is that it is digested to quick. some people say it can be burnt off in 2 mins. Its best to eat it in 3 sittings so you avoid cramp as was posted by gaterz1981. i am not a nutrition guy and I aint no authority but I no what works for me.

    It seems to be suck it and see and find what works best for you.

    Good luck and no puking up on the run.
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