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Diet or train harder??????

Hey all

Have recently got fit after being hit by car whilst out on a run and am now stuck witha prob,

what was gonna be my big end of season finale is now gonna be my only race this year as i dont think my shoulder will be fully fit till mid august, and having been sitting around eating far to much i am now a FAT [email protected]$%&+d again. so:

should i diet and risk wasting away what muscle tone is left

train as hard as my shoulder will let me

both of the above

OR just chill out have fun run the race without worrying about the time and smile alot.



  • ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Race midAug too close enjoy the race forget the diet nonsense
  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    Eat healthy and train to what your shoulder will let you. Dont eat crap. If you gain weight and dont train you will be miffed at yourself.
  • LorenzoLorenzo Posts: 2
    I don't know how much you want to lose, you can get rid of few pounds by putting your bike on an indoor trainer and say do 60 minutes before breakfast and the same before dinner. If you work at a low heart rate 130-150 and do at least 8 sessions per week without changing your eating pattern you would lose approx 1-2 pounds per week
  • penguinpenguin Posts: 37
    Training is fun...

    Dieting is not fun...

    It is MUCH better to have fun...

    Just my opinion...

  • starcherstarcher Posts: 126
    Cheers for the opinions

    I think im gonna have to swallow a bit of common sense and just train a bit have a laugh and build bigger and stronger for next year. and work it hard on the trainer through winter no excuse for being lazy.


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