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Zero to Sprint Tri in 5 weeks? Possible?!

Hi there - with my first 'sprint' tri 5 weeks away, and having only really got on my bike last week for the first time, am I likely to get across the line in 5 weeks time...!

On paper looks easy (ish) - 400 swim, 20K bike, 5K run, but carrying an extra couple of stone and not having run anywhere but to the chippy for the last 10 years I think I might have bitten off more than I can chew - any suggestions as to sensible training plan - links to webpages?

On one hand I'm quite pleased with myself as the bike is actually going well - 20K practice alternate eves at avg of 23-25K p/h speed.

On the other I just cant run more than 400m and I'm no Michael Phelps!

Help/advise/encouragment/honest shaking of the head..all thankfully received - !



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    LindsLinds Posts: 124

    Five weeks sounds plenty of time - so stop being such a bloody wuss and get running and swimming.

    Good to hear the bike is coming along nicely remember I averaged approx 25km/h on the Bath Sprint so you should be fine.

    Slightly more seriously, I wouldn't stress to much about the swim, as it's so short that you won't loose that much time in the water.

    Why the bloody hel am I telling you this here - I'll see you tomorrow and we can talk about it then!


    PS - stop cyber stalking me
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    On paper looks easy

    Tee heee. Allow me to be the first to say 'Welcome'. And I'll also be the first to say 'This is going to hurt' [;)]

    Bike sounds good.

    Assuming you can actually do the swim distance then keep up the swimming practice. Let's be honest, in 5 weeks you're hardly going to improve your technique much, or your speed, so just make sure you can get through it without any nasty suprises.

    Same goes for your run. In five weeks you'd probably be doing yourself well if you just go out for a 30-35 minute jog/walk, say three times a week. In five weeks you should find that you're doing the 5k at a fairly comfortable jog. If you do have to walk occasionally then make sure it is timed, so you can see improvements - i.e. jog 2 minutes, walk 30s etc then you can time yourself as you increase the jog interval and reduce the walk....

    One small final point... and I hate to mention it... BRICKS! When you do your next 20k bike ride stick your trainers on immediately afterwards and go for a 5-10 minute jog. Just down the road and back. Do this every time you ride.

    You can probably worry about a training plan after your sprint, if that makes sense. In a five week window from a standing start you can't do much other than base training, gentle bricks and make sure you've got all your kit ready.

    Enjoy the pain, and GOOD LUCK! [:)]
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    richierichie Posts: 7
    Thanks for the welcome! Oh yes, I'm already feeling it hurt!

    Thanks for the advice - we'll see in a few weeks if this has been a sensible decision!!!

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    gunforhiregunforhire Posts: 457
    I did!

    Gave myself 3 months to train for the Thames Turbo Sprint at the end of August.

    After 6 weeks I started getting bored, so entered the Thame Sprint (Oxford) at the end of July, then did the London Tri last weekend.

    So, yeah it can be done.

    Got whupped in the swim and bike each time.

    BUT it means I've got a benchmark for next year now.

    Don't know how I would have done over winter without that knowledge!
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    ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    Let's be honest, in 5 weeks you're hardly going to improve your technique much, or your speed,
    Not sure about this. I agree that speed won't pick up much in 5 weeks but I would have thought that if someone has never had any coaching, there might be some big gains to be made in technique even in a short period of time. It doesn't take 5 weeks to extend the stroke a bit, keep the head down a bit, get the legs up a bit.

    Once someone can swim the distance then, with a short lead time, wouldn't high intensity training be more beneficial on the bike/run? Isn't focussing on stroke efficiency in the swim to conserve energy for the bike/run the better way to go?

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    gunforhiregunforhire Posts: 457
    I also did 2 swimming lessons during that time.

    Really helped and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to improve quickly.

    Just ask at your local pool (cash in hand)[;)]
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